Thursday, May 22, 2008

What Did YOU Do On Your Summer Vacation?

Upon seeing a good friend for the first time in a couple years, a quick game of catch-up is in order.

Apparently, my life in the last couple years has been excruciatingly boring:

  1. Er, I moved to NYC. As you can see, because you are here. Visiting me. In NYC.
  2. I'm learning to play the guitar.
  3. I started a company.
  4. I'm on Check out this toad of a lawyer in Maryland who keeps stalking my profile. Blech.

In contrast, the fabulous and wildly talented EH (from Beijing), had this to share:

  1. I gave birth and now have a beautiful daughter. (Which, obviously, I knew from her facebook status updates, but it's nice to hear all the details).
  2. I'm in town to attend a production seminar with Bob Costas, Dick Ebersol, et al, and to finalize details to be NBC's Beijing Olympics Correspondent.


It's like being happy that you have 2 pair, and then someone throws down a royal flush.

P.S. Since EH has been staying with me, I've been lurking about taking candid pictures of her which I will later sell on Ebay after she becomes famous.

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