Saturday, May 31, 2008

Weather Forecast: RAIN

So you know what that means, it's reunions weekend at the ol' alma mater. It's rained every single reunions weekend I've been there and I'm no longer sure I'd even recognize the campus without Torrential Downpour and lots and lots of mud.

I trekked to the 15th year reunion all the way from Hong Kong, so I figure I'm off the hook until the 20th.

But I've been taking my own "sentimental journey" while sitting in my kitchen.

Specifically, I've been listening to a cappella music, and more specifically, a cappella music performed by the group I sang with.

A couple observations:

  • I should have spent more than 2 hours to arrange "I Sing The Body Electric" for the group. If I had, perhaps it wouldn't currently be on the "inactive repertoire" list.
  • I agree with MomVee, we were better than we thought at the time, and we shouldn't have been so hard on ourselves.
  • Ergo, you are right, you did look down an awful lot as you sang. My most vivid memory of you from college is your hairline.
  • On Under African Skies, is it really the case that the first altos sang only that "bop bop bah bah de buh bop bop bah bah de bah" line for the ENTIRE LENGTH of the song?

Well, here's a little musical treat performed by aforementioned singing group, and no, it's not Under African Skies:


MomVee said...

Bull. That's one of the best arrangements the group has ever had. I truly do not understand why it fell out of the rep.

C-Belle said...

Aw shucks, thanks MomVee!!!!

Robespierre said...

Do you have a recording of the kitties doing Soul II Soul?

C-Belle said...

Robespierre - when did you ever hear us singing that? I don't remember ever performing it...

I will meow around and see if anyone has a recording!