Friday, May 30, 2008


Not to sound unkind...

Screw that.

I might have to "hide" my profile on and just PRETEND to EA that I am still active on it.

You should see the horror that is stalking my profile, or sending me winks, or writing me barely intelligible emails.

It's enough to drive me to anti wrinkle eye cream.


MrsCooper said...

I once mentioned to a guy-up-to-no-good that he shouldn't worry about me because I'm NOT a bunny boiler kind of girl. Since then, he had never once called me back. That worked with his subconscious mind or conscious mind.

C-Belle said...

That is EXCELLENT. I will be sure to use that. Although of course, after several drinks I will no doubt get confused and say that to someone from whom I actually want to hear back.

MrsCooper said...

I'm sure you will be fine.