Monday, May 19, 2008

Oh Baby, Insult Me

Since I have quite a few girlfriends who are splashing about in the waters of online dating alongside me, we've been collecting all manner of interesting data points.

But one of the most interesting is this: there exists a category of men who believe it is appropriate/attractive/efficacious, to be insulting to the women whom they would like to see naked.

For example:

"Your skin isn't perfect, but it's good. Especially for a woman of your age. Wanna go camping this weekend?"

"You look very young. But let me see your hands. The hands don't lie. Yep, see... they don't lie."

"Women your age are often unfocused. It's perfectly understandable because at your age, women just want to have babies."

"You are very girlish, I'm waiting to see the grown-up."

"You have childbearing hips."

Keep in mind, these are men who are actively stalking us and trying to get in our pants. WTF?

Now, I will admit that I like a guy who can challenge me, and can demonstrate (firmly yet appropriately) that he won't take any of my crap (that's actually really hot), but crossing the line to even vague insults? UNACCEPTABLE. Worse yet, it's just STUPID. I'm not even sure what offends me more - the insult or the stupidity in taking such an ineffective approach.

The first quote is from a guy I had drinks with a few months back. I stared back at him and all I could think was: "No. He did NOT just say that." After I got over my shock, I asked him, "Does that work for you? Do other women think to themselves, 'wow, I really want to get naked with you and let you apply that same critical eye to the rest of me'?"

At this point he was too drunk to offer an intelligible response. He was 6'5" and fit and I was matching him drink for drink and he got sloppy drunk while I was still able to say "obfuscatory" and "bifurcate."


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Peter said...

"Childbearing hips" isn't necessarily an insult - some guys like a bit of curve!