Friday, May 30, 2008


.... is my driving emotion when I see that I have new emails in the yahoo email account which I have dedicated for online dating and food ordering.

Naked fear.

And sometimes, driven by the same impulse that causes me to pick mercilessly at scabs, I check the "Who's Viewed Me" list. *shudder*

That toad of a lawyer in Maryland keeps stalking me. As well as numerous old creepy guys. And the guy in Massachusetts with no profile picture whose profile states that he is just looking to satisfy his needs while in between relationships.

I think men have an easier time on While trolling for men the other day, I stumbled upon the profile of my friend, DR. So I immediately shot him off an email. Apparently, he is having a grand old time. He hasn't yet met the "perfect" match, but he's met a bunch of women he has described as smart, funny and attractive.

That article I posted about a couple weeks ago - the one using game theory to explain why there are fewer eligible men than there are women - might explain the poor pickings in a certain age bracket, but for kicks, I set my search parameter to look for the young 'uns.


Frankly, I'm amazed that not EVERYONE is celibate.

I was on the phone with EA last night, and to show solidarity, I set up two dates for this coming week. I will meet them both (on different nights) at my favorite bar/restaurant. (I promised my bartender I would bring all my "dates" there since she had so much fun at my expense witnessing my date with Rock Lock guy).

And then, I will stop all this nonsense and lie like a rug to EA.

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