Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Warning Labels

If you had a custom-printed tee, what would it say?

WC: "Do I look happy?!?"
Me: "I don't like it."
SK: "Go read a book."
IC: "Really? Really? Really?"
MG: "My husband says I'm not as hot as I think I am."


Bartleby said...

Who would have such a thing?

C-Belle said...

In about 6-8 weeks, everyone listed above.

Bartleby said...

I am washed away by magnitude.

MrsCooper said...

For fun, "Don't look at my chest."

C-Belle said...


Maybe I'll place a huge order and ship yours to HK!

MrsCooper said...

Thank you. Please do. There's a huge demand for it. And I can help you with the wholesales distribution. Also, you can consider this,

"Don't look at my chest
I don't like it!"

Robespierre said...

Listen, people. The hard truth is that our lives are spent looking at you. It goes something like this: Face, eyes, hair, chest, ass, legs. If something is unattractive, we stop looking at it. If everything is unattractive, we stop looking at you. We can't help it. I watched a show where a transsexual girl becoming guy talked about how after she started to take testosterone, she would walk past a girl and try as she could not to turn around to check her out. And she could not help but do it. She said that she felt sorry for all of the feminist screeds she once directed at adolescent males about the tyranny of their gaze once she felt what they felt.

In conclusion, we are sorry. And of course I agree that the checking out should be subtly done. We see you, we consider whether or not you are good looking. We move on with our lives.

Thank you.

C-Belle said...

Apology accepted.

Although, I have to admit: I almost always add a little more wiggle to my walk when passing by construction workers.

Susanna Seoul Searching said...

How about, in tiny tiny letters across the chest: If you can read this you're standing to close.

Girls check out guys almost as much as guys check out girls. But since we are generlly better at multitasking we can be more discreat about it.

C-Belle said...

How about this: "Objects are closer than they appear."

MrsCooper said...

I like that in tiny letters.

It’s perfectly fine when men and women check out each other in however way they like to, but when it comes to engaging in a conversation, it’s a bit rude to stare at someone’s chest for a good length of time.