Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A Feline Education

MG, EA, and I have been exchanging emails again on our usual topic - men.

One thing led to another and we realized that much of what we learned about being sexy, or being in relationships, we learned from our pets.

What I Learned From My Cat:
(credit to MG who contributed greatly to this list)
  • How to show off my ass and turn back to make sure it's been noticed
  • How to unexpectedly bite/scratch/hiss when I'm feeling smothered by too much attention
  • How to be affectionate when I want something
  • How to look grumpy yet adorable at the same time
  • How to pretend I'm asleep when someone wants to play
  • How to purr
  • How to disappear
  • How to clearly demonstrate that if it appears that I come when I'm called, it's only because I was going that direction anyway


Susanna Seoul Searching said...

How to look innocent when we are doing something we are clearly not allowed to do...

Bartleby said...

How to leave hair on everything.

Robespierre said...

How to look aloof and uncaring when we all know on the inside you are ... aloof and uncaring ..... [sigh]

C-Belle said...

*laughing and spitting up my diet coke through my nose all over my computer keyboard*

I'm not aloof.

MrsCooper said...

How to read minds...