Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Lost and Found

It's shocking.

The Sociopathic Alcoholic Stalker actually believes that a flower delivery and a few out-of-the-blue declarations of love are all that it would take to worm his way back into my life.

I don't understand. Is this man-logic? Is this one person's hubris? Is this mental illness?

Almost completely unrelated:

I was at the MOMA last night for a UBS sponsored happy hour, and the following happened:

1. Fell in love with this horse.
2. Lost my cell phone, but then found it inside my umbrella.

I love my phone, so I was sad when it was lost, happy when it was found, and yet... a new phone number that not a single stalker knows?

I like it.


Bartleby said...

Sounds like post-coital dementia. Could also be some Stockholm Syndrome - were there whips involved?

C-Belle said...

Oh just whatever was within easy reach of my bed... ice cubes, my riding crop, a lovely little dagger with a wicked edge, a feather duster. You know, the usual.

I'm laughing at the fact that I write this while sitting on my bed, and I have eyeballed all those items.

C-Belle said...

"post-coital dementia"


Bartleby said...

I didn't mean you, I meant your victim.. Whoops, finally the Gung Li entry scene, gotta go!

C-Belle said...

Gong Li.

Bartleby said...

xie xie