Monday, June 23, 2008

Pretty In Pink Prada

JF: Lover, pink? Are you in disguise?
Me: Yes. Going for virginal.
JF: Virginal? Yeah right. Your left ear, maybe.

*a little later, after I showed him the diamond and platinum Tiffany's necklace received from a stalker*

JF: Oh. My. God. Let's hock it!
Me: *giggling*


MrsCooper said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the evening with JF.

I thought the colour white represents virginal status.

Robespierre said...

Tell us he gave you that necklace while dating you and not stalking you ... otherwise, every alcoholic should read this post and reflect ....

C-Belle said...

My stalker sent it to me while stalking (not dating) me.

I think I'm missing something... spell it out, please. WC must be currently using our shared brain right now.