Sunday, June 15, 2008

Update: Rock Lock Guy

My sitemeter informed me that someone stumbled upon my blog the other day by doing a Google search for "Rock Lock Handshake."

I immediately panicked, Rock Lock Guy found my blog! But then I noticed that the IP address originated from somewhere in the midwest. Phew.

But THEN, I became curious and followed the Google search for "Rock Lock Handshake" and what did I find? Pages and pages of links to various people doing "The Rock Lock."

So not only did he seek to impress me by claiming that he had "invented" something so utterly moronic, he LIED.

Forget I am now trolling through the ASPCA's website looking for cats.


Robespierre said...

I am not sure of anything more pathetic than someone claiming that he invented a handshake. But then you consider the fact that the name of the handshake is "Rock Lock." More pathetic. Then you find out that not only did he claim to the invention of a handshake, and not only did he name it the "rock lock," but he also in the end lied about the entire thing. Wow. C-Belle is beyond fortunate to have such unique characters enter her life.

C-Belle said...

I have date tomorrow night as well. Well, at least I'm not ovulating.