Monday, June 16, 2008

My Uterus Is A Monkey

I am speechless.


MrsCooper said...

Where did you find this video? I’m speechless too. And it’s produced by the Canadians(!?!)

Humans have a lot in common with the primates i.e. the chromosome, perhaps, the guys on are in fact monkeys in disguise.

Bartleby said...

I am not clicking on that.

C-Belle said...

oh come on, Bartleby.

Choice quotes:

"Life is empty. Happiness is a lie."

"Meanwhile, in the house where goodness has ruptured a spleen."

"She needed the taste of death in her mouth to keep her sane."

"Maybe it is someone who will terminate our existence in a flourish of brutality"

and my favorite:

"That frenzied strumpet might thrust death upon us."

How can you resist?

Bartleby said...

Sounds like your blog.

C-Belle said...

*a repressive, "Ha."*