Wednesday, December 26, 2007

You Make Me Wanna Wait

When was the last time you laughed so hard you peed a couple drops? A couple months ago, WC and I saw Altar Boyz, and loved it. About a Christian rock boy band, Altar Boyz tells the story of 5 "boyz" who share a goal - to save souls through their music - and they track their progress on the Soul Sensor DX-12, manufactured by Sony.

WC snagged front row seats, close enough to be splattered by sweat and saliva, and I really hope nothing else.

Matthew, the leader of the boy band, sings this one lovely, romantic ballad. And for that particular performance, he knelt down right at the edge of the stage and held out his hand to... ME. Of course, I put my hand in his and furiously batted my eyelashes.

He sang:
When I met you girl
When I hold your body next to mine
It feels so good
And feels so right
And it also makes my Levi’s feel real tight

All my friends they think I’ve lost my mind
And they tell me I’m a fool
But I’m doing what I learned in Sunday school...

Girl, you make me wanna wait

Later, though, they brought up some ugly chick to sit on stage for the last part of the song while I fumed inwardly with a fury that could destroy worlds.

But then I got over it, and after the show, WC and I bought little tees that proclaim across the bosom: "You make me wanna wait."

I think I'll wear it when I decide to start having sex again. That should send a nice mixed message.

But anyway, I was doing yoga yesterday afternoon, and I was wearing that tee. My father looked at it and asked me, "Wait for what?"

"I don't remember," I replied. Which was truthful enough.


ashley said...

I've seen Altar Boyz twice and love the show so much. I'm happy you had fun seeing the show. Come check out's the fan site for Altar Boyz.

C-Belle said...

Thanks for the tip, Ashley!