Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Pearl Diving

IC and I have started an internet business. Among the countless things we are trying to figure out, is a name for our own "destination" site (although, FYI, that's not a fundamental part of our business model). We have a "strawman" name already, but just to cover our bases, I asked SK and JN to brainstorm alternatives, since they are far more creative and clever than I can hope to be.

SK produced a list of names, my favorite of which was www.pearldiving.com. My first thought though was: doesn't that sound... well... dirty? But I wasn't sure, it could be that I have been overly affected by an ex of mine who watched prodigious amounts of internet porn - enough to tire out a teenage boy (clearly that's hyperbole, I don't think teenage boys (or boys of any age) can ever tire of that particular activity).

So one night, to determine if there's any inherent and objective smuttiness to www.pearldiving.com, SK asked a guy what he thought of the name. He promptly started winking suggestively and said he'd love to try it. That answered that.

Well anyway, my second thought was... is a little lasciviousness a BAD thing? People enjoy being titillated, don't they? Hell, I enjoyed just typing the word "titillated". After all, porn sites have long been the front runners in figuring out how to actually make money on the internet - both because they have content people are actually willing to pay for, and in their use of the most sophisticated technologies and marketing tactics.

But all this is mental masturbation. The URL is taken. And, incidentally, it's not a porn site.

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