Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Ever since MomVee mentioned Love Actually in a recent post, I've been obsessed. I searched on iTunes to no avail. Netflix's video download service is for PCs only. (Actually renting the DVD seems entirely too complicated). But I've done it; I have figured out this new fangled thing called: "torrent." Called SK to tell her about it. She told me that next I should check out something called "e-mail."

After a few false starts and an unacceptably long download time, I am watching Love Actually, and enjoying myself immensely, despite Hugh Grant, despite no one dying violently.

So as I'm watching, I'm playing the game AM told me she plays in boring meetings. She looks around the room and chooses the man with whom she would be most likely to have sex.

I'm having trouble with that in this movie. Obviously, from a sheer "he's so hot and hardbodied he can't possibly be hetero" perspective, Laura Linney's love interest wins. And yet Colin Firth? Alan Rickman? I've been in love with Alan Rickman since Die Hard. I even watched Truly Madly Deeply because of him (and realized halfway through that the movie is gorgeous, and even has dead people in it!)

But if I had to choose just one...

And if the rules state the CHARACTER in the movie, not the ACTOR...

Colin Firth.

If the actor, then Alan Rickman.

Interestingly, my mother just voted for Laura Linney's hot, hardbodied, improbably hetero love interest.

That was fun. In real life it's a toss up between creepy-skin-care-product-stalker guy and sociopathic-alcoholic-stalker guy.

Golly, the imaginary world is SO much more appealing.


MomVee said...

Basically, I agree with you. But did you really give Bill Nighy and Liam Neeson full consideration? In the former case, I understand he only has a chance in the "actor" category.

C-Belle said...

It was an incredibly difficult winnowing process. But eventually I eliminated Liam Neeson because I suspect that sans clothing, he might be too meaty for my liking. And I have adored Bill Nighy in absolutely EVERYTHING I have ever seen him in. But I had to reluctantly eliminate him as well because I imagined myself sitting at a bar, Colin Firth on one side, Bill Nighy on the other...

I would flirt with Bill all night, but go home with Colin.

Hence, decision made.