Monday, December 10, 2007

A Downward Spiral

This blogging thing is like crack.

I started with questioning myself: oh WHY should I blog? Do I have anything to add to the chorus of voices already blogging? Do I have anything to say that would be of interest to people other than myself and my mother? (Who, incidentally, does NOT know about this. But I assume that she would be interested, being my mother and all that. Maybe even entirely too interested which is why I'm going to keep it from her).

Now, in a matter of hours, I've swept all of that aside to become fully obsessed with expanding my "readership" and pestering people about my blog. Since WC has told me that she'd rather talk to me than read my blog, I called her and read it to her over the phone. After some whining on my part, JR told me he would bookmark it. And to confirm that the people who have promised to read my blog actually are, I will from time to time write rude things about them and see who calls me to yell at me.


Shubber Ali said...

welcome to the blogging world, my dear!

I've been blogging for over a year, and even though the initial crack-like addiction has worn off and my posting frequency has dropped to once a week or every few weeks, it's still a grand way to channel creative energy and get one's voice heard across the globe...

hmm - now that I think about it, perhaps blogging parallels relationships in some regards - starts out very intense with a high frequency, but then over time settles into a more regular, familiar routine... or perhaps I'm just reaching for a comparison? :-)

C-Belle said...

Oh my, I guess this means that very shortly I'll start completely ignoring my blog?