Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Mi Ze Hidlik

I remember recording this - we were on stage standing in our socks so there would be no sound of our shoes against the wooden floor.

And yet there's applause at the end...

SK, VH, KD: Help me out here - the version that made it onto the CD - was it our live performance in the holiday concert? Or did the engineers splice the applause from the concert to the end of the "recording" version? I'm fairly certain we wore our shoes for the actual performance? Or was the shoe-issue not relevant here because we were simply standing in place for this song?

So many questions.

But regardless, memory tells its own story and I remember us shoeless, brave, and almost entirely on key.

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MomVee said...

No idea. I remember the concert, don't remember recording at any other time, don't remember footwear or lack thereof. I've been listening to this CD a lot this year, because, as I told Ergo, I've reached the "Hey, this is okay!" stage of aesthetic self-evaluation. On this particular project, that is. We beat ourselves up a lot back then, and we shouldn't have.