Tuesday, July 8, 2008

What if?

It's been brought to my attention that I apparently spent much of my youth cutting classes at music school.

Which probably goes a long way in explaining why I am not a better musician.

But think of all the adventures I would have missed if I had dutifully attended all those theory and composition classes!

Alternatively, perhaps I would have been too busy performing at Carnegie Hall to write my silly blog. The sad thing is, I'm not sure if that's an argument for or against truancy.


Bartleby said...

It depends how much you love music. I think Carnegie Hall would be a wonderful place for the unusual person who lives through music, but the opposite for one with talent but not conviction. We meet talented people all the time, yet when they lack emotional conviction, all rings hollow. Smacks of the performing seel. Literature speaks up for the worthiness of conviction without "talent". I'm all ears. Talent is over-rated.

[Doing this on a blackberry is a b*tch].

C-Belle said...

What happened to your "Why there are blogs" post?

Bartleby said...

Good question. It is in editorial purgatory until I figure out the formatting. Maybe you can help. I copied several headline quotes from another website and pasted them into my post box, along with my own comments. When I previewed the post, my own comments appeared but the pasted comments did not. So I copied and pasted the quotes into Word and then repasted from Word back into the post (thinking that might change something). Same result. So I published the post anyway to see how it would appear. Everything showed up, but the formatting was wrong in the pasted text. I fixed the formatting several times in the edit, but it still appears screwed up (and still doesn't appear in the preview). Seems there is a bug with some text pasted from other sites?

C-Belle said...

The first thing I'd check is the color of the font used in the cut and pasted text. If the font is white, then you wouldn't see it against the white background of your blog.

That's the easy check. But it sounds like it might not be easy. What I'd do here is to check the html code. There might be some funky tags embedded...