Sunday, July 20, 2008

Boo to Saturday Nights Out

Boozy sushi on the east side turned into going to some club whose name I have never been able to remember.

WC, RL, AW, EA and I went up to roofbar which was crowded beyond belief with the typical Saturday night B&T crowd. We all had to pee, so we waited patiently for the single stall that was housed in a beautiful private area of the roofbar. While waiting, I started chatting with the positively enormous bouncer, Solo. He was the kind of thick-necked guy who needs to turn his entire body when looking around. I had noticed that there was a private outdoor area on the other side of the roof that was EMPTY.

Me: What's up with that space over there?
Solo: It's private, baby.
Me: Oh that's too bad. I just HATE crowds, darling.

You see where this conversation was going...

One thing led to another, Solo and I started up a detailed conversation about martial arts and I did my usual thing of lifting one leg up above my ear. In return, he gave me his pack of cigarettes and his lighter and then he completely hooked us up; he talked to the owner and got us entry to the private roof deck area.

But only WC and I recognized the value of it! Our friends decided that it was no fun to be there because it was "just us" and wanted to rejoin the throng.

I think it's because they wanted to talk to boys.

Men. Even when they are not around, they ruin my fun. Boo.

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