Friday, July 25, 2008

For English, Please Press "2"

Homesick for smog?

Jonesing for the music of a lugee being hawked up and landing perilously close to your open-toed Blahniks?

Carry your own toilet paper with you everywhere you go?

Craving deep fried whole scorpion on a stick?

Look up at the sky and think, "shouldn't the color be... well... more gray?"

Walk through the oppressive heat of NYC and think to yourself, "it should be MORE humid"?

If so, you're not alone.

And you're in luck - you don't have to take a 12-15 hour flight - just click over to The China Chronicles, starring the fabulous, talented, gorgeous, Fran Chen. But before you fall madly in love with her, just know that the role of #1 Obsessive Fan, is played by yours truly.

FC, sweetie, I miss Beijing, Hong Kong, singing the entire soundtrack of Grease while at The Commune, being regularly thrown off the back of a 1200 pound animal and trying to land in the nice soft pile of dirt rather than the less nice pile of horse shit, and most of all, you.

1 comment:

fruityfran said...

i miss you!! beijing misses you! i have no one to sing Amazing Grace with in the afternoons after a few bottles of white. what a lovely job down memory lane. thanks!