Thursday, July 24, 2008

Overdue For A Facial

My Alhambra classical guitar is newly strung with lovely lower-tension strings (easier on my oh-so-delicate finger pads), and my Baby Taylor is spending the night at the Chelsea Guitar Shop getting "refreshed." If only a comparable trip to a spa would have such a dramatic effect on me because the humidity is getting to me as well, causing me to warp and lose my pitch at the drop of a hat.

The Baby Taylor is having an especially hard time of it because of neglect. It just hasn't been getting much love since the Alhambra moved in.

MB apparently thinks I am likewise suffering from neglect:

"NYC hasn't been good for you."
"You need to have sex."

It's enough to drive a girl to anti-wrinkle eye cream.

1 comment:

fruityfran said...

What differences do you feel between your Alhambra and Baby Taylor? Am on the hunt for a guitar instructor here in the 'jing!