Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Stress Reduction, Upside Down

I spent an hour today looking for the remote control for my bedroom television. It's not in its usual "lost" place - my fridge.

So I'm at a loss. I was actually driven to closely examining my TV and cable box to see how I could manipulate channels and volume WITHOUT the remote.

That didn't work so well.

And it irritated me so much I had to spend some time standing on my head to relax. I find it strange that I just wrote that. I remember the good old days when I'd just crack open a bottle of wine to achieve that effect.

Not that I'm averse to the liquid method of stress reduction. It's just disturbing that head standing has somehow sneaked into rotation.

But then, spring has so far brought with it a general feeling of disturbance for me.

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Susanna Seoul Searching said...

Well, this is when you realise that you have changed... at least you are not standing in Mabo
I strecth instead, or do some other stuff that feels productive.
Productive might be the main word here, stress being kind of adverse to it...