Thursday, April 3, 2008

State Of Mind

I can't account for a year of my life - 2001. Not sure what happened to that year. I told SK about this and she told me that a missing year was rather romantic.

However, I am dead certain there was nothing romantic about it. But rather than maintain the possible mystery of it all, I have placed phone calls to various friends to ask them if THEY remember what I did that year. I'm beginning to hear back and all I can say is that a lot of people out there have better memories than I do.

But I was right. There was nothing romantic about it at all. I think I forgot it simply because it was so utterly unremarkable.

And I formulated a theory to explain the WHY of it to myself. And the catalyst for my theory is this video sent to me by SK:

I believe this was the year in which I was living in the 3 bedroom house with the husband and two cats and contemplating the unremarkableness of my life.

This was also the year I was seeing shrinks and getting MRIs and polygraphs for the prospective employer I'm not allowed to talk about. (I pieced this together from my total lack of recognition of the stories I heard from my friends, all of whom I had been instructed to flat out lie to about what I was actually doing that year). On the face of it, this may seem somewhat interesting. But since I completely forgot about it, it clearly didn't strike me so.

Funny how truth can be discerned from lies. But that's another post.

SK watched this video and her takeaway was that she should abort her short lived experiment with online dating.

My takeaway? "Remarkableness" is just a state of mind. Because I think my future memories will prove that I find the utterly mundane details of 2008 remarkable indeed.


MomVee said...

I'm pretty proud of the arguably trivial ways in which my life so far is not like that video.

Susanna Seoul Searching said...

I feel motivated to do "crazy" things. Like...what would be crazy enough? Any suggestions?