Saturday, April 12, 2008

Back Pain And Humility

Do guitarists generally have bad posture, or neck and back pain?

My back hurts. And my back NEVER hurts. I can do the craziest things to my back in yoga. A backbend is as easy as pie. I can do a backbend not only with my hands on the ground, but also with my forearms on the ground and grab my ankles with my hands. I can lay on stomach and raise my torso and legs and arch my back and rest my feet on my forehead. I can balance all my weight on my forearms, lift my legs into the air, arch my back, throw back my head, and place my feet on my head, making an almost perfect "Q" shape with my body.

And doing these things cause me no pain, it actually feels GOOD. During my yoga teacher training, I once stayed in wheel (a backbend) for an hour as the yoga master teacher had all the other students take turns closely examining my pose. (OK, that one made my back a little sore the next day).

But playing the guitar is wreaking havoc on me. After practicing for 30 minutes, I no longer feel like a gumby-like yoga guru, but like a little old lady hobbling down the street with a cane.

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