Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Romancing The Scale

I have been obsessing over scales. The do-re-mi kind. Not the fishy or dry skin variety.

IC told me today: "I feel that you've been romanticizing the scale a lot these days.... not that that's a bad thing."

What she leaves unsaid, but is still clearly heard, is :"But really. ENOUGH."

Scales are not only helpful, they are foundational.

I used to spend the first two hours of my daily piano practice on scales. And that's pretty much on par with the norm. My yearly piano jury exam (final exam) at music school featured scales - a fact that further demonstrates their importance.

But I think what IC was reacting to was my latest monologue during which I waxed on and on and on about the fabulousness of scales, and how a good scale ROCKS.

As a refugee from music school herself, IC understands this completely. I think she just wishes I were able to talk about something else occasionally. And apparently, informing her that I just cut my nails while on the phone with her so I can better play my scales doesn't quite count.

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