Tuesday, April 1, 2008


For those of you who read my post from earlier today (The Breaking Of The Fast) and called/texted/IM'd/emailed me with questions and excitement and even scolding...

"OMG! Who IS this guy?!?"
"Is he there RIGHT NOW?!?"
"That. Is. How. It. Happens."
"That NEVER happens!"
"Your life is right out of a movie!"
"Did you practice safe sex?"
"Your bed sheets?!? Eek!"
"You're making him breakfast?!?"
"Where did he go to school?"

And my favorite:

"What's he doing that he's not at work on a Monday!? You sure he's not a deadbeat? I bet he's a deadbeat. I thought we discussed this, you are not allowed to have sex without Board approval. You have the WORST taste in men."

... please note today's date.


Robespierre said...

OMG .... how stupid are we.

Robespierre said...

The part about getting up to get him food was the sure giveaway.

C-Belle said...

KK thought the "giveaway" was the bit about my humming "For Your Eyes Only".

IC was too busy hyperventilating and saying, "your sheets?!? Eek!" to think about it critically.

And JN, despite skyping with me for hours yesterday afternoon, was totally suckered in.

But Robespierre - you are correct. The line about finding food so I could make and serve him breakfast in bed was the main hint I worked in. If it had been real, I would have woken him up and sent him out to the nearest WaWa or Hoagie Haven.