Monday, March 17, 2008

Not So Much

VBD (Very Bad Date): "You are Korean? I thought you said you are Chinese."
Me: "No, I said that I lived in China briefly."
VBD: "I'm pretty sure you said you are Chinese."
Me: "No, I didn't."
VBD: "I'm pretty sure you did."
Me: *chugging champagne*
VBD: "Well, I loved Tokyo - went to Japan on a business trip 10 years ago. I even learned some Japanese. But I have an ear for languages. I learned French in Paris. Paris was Tray Beeyan"
Me: "Nihongo ga dekimasuka?"
VBD: *looking confused* "Oh. Is that Chinese?"
Me: "Er, no. Japanese. You just mentioned that you learned some Japanese."
VBD: "Oh. But you are... Korean?"
Me: "Yes."
VBD: "So, is Japanese a lot like Korean?"
Me: "No, it's not."
VBD: "Do you speak Chinese?"
Me: *being an ass* "Yidianr. Sukoshi."
VBD: *looking confused*
Me: "Un peu."
VBD: *looking confused*
Me: "A little."
VBD: "So you must have an ear for languages too."
Me: "Not so much."

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Susanna Seoul Searching said...

It is tuff like this that make me love you! too bad the irony was wasted on someone who did not detect nor appriciate it. It might have been A GOOD THING that I was not there, my ability to keep a straight face would have collapsed entirely