Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Joined At The Hip

I love NYC. I am reminded of that fact every time I leave my apartment. Even on those days when living here is frustrating and difficult.

But joined at the hip with total passion for NYC, is homesickness and nostalgia for Beijing and Hong Kong.

I added a restaurant recommendation application to my facebook profile. And the vast majority of the restaurants I listed are not in the United States. That's not a comment on the relative quality of the dining. Quite simply, I dined out much more frequently when I lived in Asia.

I suppose part of the fun of going through this kind of exercise is to REMEMBER these places and cities. It's a way of keeping them close.

What I would give to be sitting right now at Enoteca on Elgin Street in Hong Kong or Hatsune on Guanghua Dong Lu in Beijing.

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