Thursday, February 7, 2008

Imaginary Men

A few nights ago when I had some friends over in my apartment, someone pointed to one of my refrigerator magnets: "she liked imaginary men best of all."

I was thinking of this last night as I was waiting for a friend at one of the wine bars currently in my rotation, and I was texting my love, Gorgeous Hunk O' Man (JF), and giggling wildly with each exchange.

The best "date" I have ever been on, was with JF. It was his 30th birthday and his friends threw him a party.

JF brought me as his date because he knew I would enjoy spending an evening with a houseful of beautiful gay men. He was right.

I am fully aware of the irony that my Best Date Ever was with a gay man. And while I suspect that his "gayness" contributed to the "bestness" of that "date," JF disagrees and believes that even a straight man could accomplish the same.

But this is what made it so good:

  • Doesn't hurt that JF makes Adonis look like a geek.

  • JF stuck to my side initially, introducing me to all as his love. Which is gay for: "she's my hag, be nice even though she doesn't have a penis."
  • When I immediately wandered away to play with all the new gay boys, JF just smiled and winked and didn't get all bent out of shape that I wasn't glued to his arm.
  • He tracked me during the evening. We all know how that feels - when you are working a room and your certain special someone is doing the same, but you KNOW that he's aware of you, that he knows where you are. And the fact that JF did this out of politeness and affection rather than lust, touched me immeasurably.
  • Every so often, JF would detach me from whatever group of gay men I was talking to and we'd find a quiet corner to connect and gossip.
  • When I told him of all the shopping dates I had lined up, he looked proud and informed all his friends that while they can do short term loans of his hag, that they shouldn't ever forget that I was HIS hag.
  • When I left that evening, he didn't just say goodbye to me, he walked me outside, found me a taxi, put me in it and kissed me on the cheek.

How did I start this post again? Oh yes: "she liked imaginary men best of all." Not that JF is imaginary... but check out those abs. UNREAL.

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