Thursday, March 5, 2009


Sometimes things get too close.

I had a bad night tonight; which reminded me of a far worse night.

And I know guilt should be the last thing I feel. Funny, when rage is what you WISH for.


chilibean said...

oh no! sounds like a really bad night.

C-Belle said...

I sent you an email all about it. Gorgeous Hunk O' Man (JF) told me that he will move to NYC so I can have a "big hunky homo" (his words, not mine) escort me from place to place.

Too bad he's just joking.

Miss you.

chilibean said...

got the emails - it's awful what happened to you! and i feel responsible - you'll read in the email. this is reliving a nightmare.

C-Belle said...

NO NO NO. You should feel NOT responsible. I'm getting all upset that you wrote that. I'm in full on denial mode and I'm good with that. I'm fine now. Other than yelping and running away when a guy on the street so much as asks me for the time. *laughing*

Love you and miss you!!!!!!

chilibean said...

love you and miss you, too!!!!!!!!