Monday, March 23, 2009

ISO Ilse Sass

January 2008, after catching the ending of Fame on television, I googled my voice teacher and found an obituary for her. Ilse Sass passed away on November 18th, 1992. She died at Roosevelt Hospital, after a long career of teaching at Julliard and Manhattan School of Music and the Henry Street Settlement. There was no mention of services or where they were held.

I recently spoke of her, and now feel compelled to try to track down some trace of her. I've called each of the places above looking for someone who might remember her... specifically, I'd like to find out where she is buried, because I'd like to go and pay my respects.

I've had no luck, but I'll keep trying.

She was survived only by her sister, Leine Seligmann. But given their ages when I knew them, it is likely they are both gone now. They had no children, apparently left no web trail (other than Ilse Sass showing up on random websites for the movie Fame, in which she played a small role), and I'm at a loss as to how to find her, or them.

But if they were buried rather than cremated, it was probably in NYC. I've even tried calling some funeral homes in NYC, but I've gotten nowhere.

I'm hoping that someone who knows something about Ilse Sass will stumble upon my blog and contact me.



warias said...

Miss. Ilse Sass was also my voice teacher. I was able to talk to Leine years ago, and she informed me of her passing. We were supposed to meet, but never did. I'm in California now, and I have no idea where Ilse might be buried, or where Leine is. Please let me know if you do. Miss Ilse was very special to me. She was always so kind and believed in me so much!I really regret having lost touch with her.

Ruth (professional last name: Conway) said...

I knew Ilse and Leni (this is the proper spelling) for many many years and lived with them and their mother (known as Mutti) when I first moved to NY. She was my voice coach and a dear friend, but we lost touch when I moved from the city. I knew many of Ilse's friends over the yeqrs. She was a frequent visitor to our home in Woodstock, NY, where she often played chamber music with my father. I still miss her. Unfortunately, I don';t know whether they were buried or cremated but I believe that she would love it that we are still thinking of her.