Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Where Do You Keep Your List?

According to one designer, you should keep your list on a pillowcase. THIS pillowcase, aptly named the "Everyone I've Slept With" pillowcase.

Hand your new "friend" a sharpie, and you are good to go.

But those of us who have not yet dropped $50 to own this piece of bedding ourselves, where do we keep our lists? That was a question posed by the girls as we discussed the pros and cons of displaying such an item on our beds.

In journals? In your calendar? Frequently scribbled on the backs of cocktail napkins?

But then the conversation shifted... do you REMEMBER all the names?

And what's worse? Remembering the person, but not his name? Or remembering the name and nothing about the person?

What's more important? "A rose by any other name..." And yet names do seem to matter.

What would be more important to YOU? For someone to remember your name, or instead, the color of your hair, the smell of your perfume?

Hmmm... off to scribble my list on the back of a napkin.

1 comment:

lizriz said...

Looks like they've pulled the pillow case from the ICA Shop! :(