Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Wordle

Copying Joe Shlabotnik, I've created a "wordle." Rather than take the time to write my own description, here's Joe's:

Okay, this is cool. Enter your LiveJournal URL (or any blog URL, or any text) into Wordle and it'll create a "word cloud". That is, an image of the most commonly used words, where the larger the font, the more often the word is used. The colors, fonts, and orientation are infinitely customizable, too.
Mine's a little fuzzy here. But the largest words (which I apparently use the most, or most recently) are: "Much", "Booth", "Perfume", "Friends", "Birthday".

I was surprised to see that "men" and "sex" were in much smaller fonts.


Wordle: MyWordle

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