Saturday, January 10, 2009

Guy's Night Out Debrief

Martinis, Cigars, Cuban Sandwiches: all happy things.

WC had her first cigar ever - a Havana Honey, tasting strongly of vanilla. She asked me to start it for her, and spent the evening holding it uncertainly. Her cigar kept going out, so we informed her she had to suck harder.

At one point, she was convinced that it was out. I reassured her it wasn't.

"Can you tell because you can see it light up at the tip?" she asked me.

"No, the give-away is the fact that I can't see your face behind the cloud of smoke you are exhaling," I replied.

At the end of the evening we were drunk, bloated from too much food, and dizzy from cigar smoke.

Is this what boys do when they are together? We mused about that for a while. It seemed rather... boring. So then we thought that perhaps we were missing something and tried to figure out what that was. WC turned to me and asked, "want me to buy you a lap dance?"

Was that the missing ingredient?