Friday, December 19, 2008

Happy About The Holidays

I received this email recently from a friend of mine:

"For some reason this holiday season feels so much more stressful and melancholy than last. I could kick scrooge's ass right now."

The holidays do have a tendency to bring that out.

But for me?

Before I can answer that question, I think I need to look back on my most recent Christmases...

Christmas 2005: Rather than returning to Beijing after my trip to Bhutan with WC, I had escaped for some alone-time to the Banyan Tree Spa in Bangkok.

Christmas 2006: I was with my parents, which was lovely, but the Sociopathic Alcoholic had apparently set a timer to remind himself to send me nasty emails and text messages every hour accusing me of being with other men. Perhaps in a couple lifetimes from now I'll look back on it and be flattered at his estimation of my man-attracting skills.

Christmas 2007: I was with my parents, but this time, my email and phone were wonderfully silent.

Christmas 2008: I will be with my parents, and will bring home two "strays": MG and EA, who will join us for Christmas Eve dinner.

I feel good about the holidays this year. In fact, I think I feel VERY good about it.