Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Nouveau Cabaret

The Last Cigarette (me, SK and the fabulous FM) will perform again at Veloce Club on Thursday, July 9th. Sorry folks, it's already sold out.

But why Deep Purple's "Smoke On The Water", you ask?

Simple. FT, who owns Veloce Club, has requested it. Mostly I think for the sheer hilarity of watching us try to sing it.

Now try to imagine a breathy sex kitten version of it. OR, to compound the ridiculousness, a cappella? I know. Who WOULDN'T want to see that?!?

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Robespierre said...

First, this is one of the greatest rock songs of all time. Second, Ritchie Blackmore's solo on this song ranks (again) amongst the best ever created on a rock album.

Yet this stage performance of it seems quite lifeless sadly and, worse, is missing the friggin'solo! I am hoping to hear that you give it more life at Veloce in a week or so. I do suggest integrating the extended keyboard solo somehow.