Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Girl Talk

Would you travel across multiple state lines for a little nookie?

This was the question posed during a recent girl talk session.

EA: I’m so over hauling my ass across state lines (or multiple state lines) for nookie.

MM: I'd haul my cookies across state lines for quality nookie. Hmm okay let me qualify my statement. I'd haul my cookies across state lines for the following:
-seriously quality nookie
-a lovely meal (prepared FOR me, not BY me)
-decent Champagne
-a hot bath drawn for me, preferably in a jacuzzi tub, with candles
-i'm flex on what the candles smell like
-i expect multiple episodes of aforementioned quality nookie
-and more of it in the morning
-followed by a shower in which my hair is washed for me
-coffee delivered bedside is a lovely, lovely thing
-so is fresh-squeezed juice, although that is far from required
-and if there's another round of nookie? and I need a second shower? yeah, whatever

Is this fantasy? Apparently not. After a quick poll, apparently there ARE men who draw hot baths for their women and place glasses of perfectly chilled white wine next to the tub, or leave hot coffee on the bedside table in the mornings...

Seems like fantasy to me.


Robespierre said...

Now tell me the % of said men who are still drawing baths after one year of getting said nookie. Pretty low ...

C-Belle said...

Probably exactly the same as the % of women providing BJ's after one year of getting said nookie.

Peter said...

Perfect question and perfect response!

Robespierre said...

I have to say that the BJ has never been that important to me so I am ok with that loss. Now, if you take the vagina away ... well, let's just say that it will have to be replaced by something (which really means someone).

C-Belle said...