Friday, August 29, 2014

Smack Talk

I talk a lot of smack. A LOT.

People do.

It's entertaining. There can be comedy in extreme characterizations. There can also be truth.

In the past, I never worried or wondered if my bullshit talk was taken seriously. I think I just had great faith that somehow, people just KNEW what was sincere and what was exaggerated or even entirely made up for comic value in that moment, to further the momentum of a particular conversation.

But lately I've started wondering about it.

Mostly because I've made a few observations:

1. People seem to be engaging in that kind of talk less now
2. I, despite my own tendencies, am taking people more at their word. If they say it, they must mean it

My friends would tell me that my tendency to sometimes engage in that kind of patter is a defense mechanism on my part, to keep at arm's length people who don't already know me well enough to filter the unreal from the real. Perhaps it is.

But I wonder if it is a "habit" I should break. Because the world seems to be spinning faster lately, and I certainly can't be the only one making snap judgments. And besides, sometimes, just sometimes, there are people you want closer.