Monday, April 16, 2012

On Manners

I like manners.  Always have.  But what happens when you haven't been on the receiving end of them in far too long?  Well, I'll tell you - you don't even recognize them.

I'm referring specifically, of course, to interactions with men.

Being on the receiving end of obsessive interest, stalking, capriciousness, narcissism, and flat out lunacy (both from the men themselves AND their bat-shit crazy exes)... THAT is what I am far too accustomed to of late.

So good old fashioned manners completely threw me for a loop.

My discussion with SK:

me:  WTF.  Is he going to pull some stalker-shit?  Does he have an ex who's going to start stalking me too?  And impersonating me online? 

SK: Um.  I think he's being well-mannered and considerate.

me:  Oh.

(Thoughtful silence)

me: That's rather nice.

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